Lee County sherriffs posse

The Posse

The Lee County Sheriff’s Posse was founded in 1953 by volunteers of Lee County, Texas. LCSP held their first Rodeo in May 1958; the proceeds went to cover the cost of radios and equipment for the Sheriff’s Department. The LCSP forefathers set out to promote the sport of rodeo by preserving their western heritage.

The forming directors included: Charles Jaehne, Jr., Lynn Jones, Cecil Justice, Hershel Doyle, Joe Milburn, R.J. Woodward, and V.A. Goodson.

These volunteers formed this charitable organization as authorized by Sub-division 2 of Article 1302 of the Texas Revised Statues of 1925 which states: To organize and maintain a group of citizens, who will be available to the county and state law enforcement agencies and to the public in the event of any emergency which might require the services of mounted personnel, to maintain order, to participate in civil defense activities, assist in searching for lost persons, protect public and private property, and to serve the public welfare in any manner possible.

Today the activities have grown, however the Lee County Sheriff’s Posse still upholds our founding volunteer’s dream by preserving western heritage and promoting the Sport of Rodeo. Our annual rodeo is one of the largest outdoor rodeos in Central Texas. We hold several awards for the “Best CPRA Rodeo of The Year”. We also are well known for providing the community with spectacular entertainment every 4th of July with the Fury on the 4th PBR Bull Riding Event. In addition to our major events, we hold Sortings and Barrel Races year-round for additional fundraisers for our Scholarship Program. The LCSP believes in the Youth and the future ahead of them. We teach them to promote good fellowship and sportsmanship through the teachings of good horsemanship.

2016 Officers

President – Reide Myrick
Vice President – Denver Conrad
Secretary – Marissa Hibbeler
Treasurer – Ashley Conrad
Rodeo Chairman – Mark Goodson
Assistant Rodeo Chairman – Scot Mitchell
Arena Superintendent – Denver Conrad
Assistant Arena Superintendent – Robert Miller & Klee Koslan
Queen & Sweetheart Chairman – Wendy Turner
Gate Chairman – Dennis Oltmann
Assistant Gate Chairman – Lexi Maxwell
Parking Chairman – Karen Kirby
Assistant Parking Chairman – Jesse Oltman
Director – Stanley Maass
Director – Denise Kieschnick
Director – Danielle Handrick
Director - Erin Wiley